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Gonna Get Crafty

Demon Boy

Demon Boy

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Digital Product Only! 
Includes 1 high quality PNG file to use on finished products like tees, stickers, and more! Please read full terms before purchasing!

**Terms of Use for Standalone Graphics (for Physical End Products):**


1. **License Grant:**

   - The purchaser is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the standalone graphics for personal or commercial purposes limited to physical end products only.


2. **Prohibited Uses:**

   - Standalone graphics may not be used in any digital products, including but not limited to digital downloads, websites, or social media templates.

   - Reselling, redistributing, or sublicensing the standalone graphics in digital form is strictly prohibited.


3. **Modifications:**

   - The purchaser is allowed to add text the standalone graphics for physical end products. Modified graphics cannot be redistributed or resold in digital form.

   - If you need to request color change modifications or would like for me to add text for you please reach out anytime on Facebook or email!


4. **Ownership:**

   - The seller retains full ownership and copyright of the standalone graphics. The purchaser is not granted ownership of the original graphics.


5. **Watermarking and Social Media Use:**

   - When posting graphics, including the image on social media, the purchaser must apply a visible watermark to protect the integrity of the original design.


6. **Transfer Prints and Overseas Printing:**

   - The purchaser is permitted to use the standalone graphics for transfer prints and overseas printing for physical end products.


7. **Warranty and Liability:**

   - All files are a minimum of 300DPI. Typically canvas size is 4200px x 4800px or sometimes 12in x 12in. If you are using for a larger project you may need to reach out and see if I can vectorize it for you!

8. **Refunds:**

   - Due to the nature of digital products, refunds are not typically provided. However, exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis.


9. **Termination:**

   - The license is terminated if the purchaser fails to comply with the terms. Upon termination, all rights to use the standalone graphics cease.


10. **Updates:**

    - The seller may provide updates to the standalone graphics at their discretion. Purchasers may be notified of updates and encouraged to download the latest version.


"Physical end products" refer to tangible items or goods that are produced using the standalone graphics. This includes, but is not limited to:

1. **Printed Materials:** Such as posters, flyers, brochures, and printed advertisements.
2. **Apparel:** Designs applied to clothing items through printing or embroidery.
3. **Home Décor:** Graphics used for items like wall art, decals, or decorative objects.
4. **Stationery:** Including notecards, invitations, and other printed paper goods.
5. **Packaging:** Graphics used on product packaging for physical goods.
6. **Merchandise:** Products such as mugs, phone cases, or any other physical items for sale.

In essence, these are concrete, touchable items resulting from the application of the graphics to various mediums. The restriction on "digital products" means that the graphics should not be used in a way that enables their distribution in digital form, such as in downloadable files, websites, or social media templates.



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