Punk meets Spooky!

Here at Gonna Get Crafty we are breaking the mold and doing our best to bring you high quality digital art that can be used for your business! Don't have a business? No worries! Head over to our merch shop and grab some Gonna Get Crafty goodies!

All of graphics are created by myself, Jes Logan! I use licensed graphics from other artists, as well as my own hand drawn graphics, as well as high quality, unique ai artwork you won't find anywhere else!

I have always loved alternative, punk, scenecore, horror, and spooky vibes so most of my art will reflect that!

Looking for a custom or exclusive for your shop?? Message me! I'd love to help!

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Sub Designs

"Sub Designs" refers to my transparent PNGs than can be used on endless types of products! They are most commonly used for tee shirts but also look amazing on keychains, tumblers, phone grips, coasters, and more!

I normally do not allow my designs to be resold but if you are interested in using them as an element in a larger design like for a tumbler wrap, poster, or seamless feel free to reach out and request permission!

No additional licenses are required if you would like to sell my designs as transfers.

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Tumbler Wraps

I love tumblers! So tumbler wraps are my absolute favorite digitals to create! Featured here is one of my latest designs "Bats are my spirit animal."

My designs are sized for 20oz Straight Skinny tumblers, unless stated otherwise but, if you need them resized for other tumbler styles I can do that for you as well!

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Seamless designs are perfect for fabric printing, as well as scrapbooking, tumblers, and more!

We currently do NOT require any additional license to print and sell transfers/fabric!

Though if you are printing these on fabric reach out to me, I love supporting other small businesses!

My files are intended to be used for physical products only. So the seamless can not be resized/shaped and resold digitally! For example you cant just resize them to fit a tumbler and then sell them as your own tumbler wrap, or crop them into a circle and resell as coaster designs, but you can make physical tumblers and coaster to sell using them!

  • Custom Designs

    Have a great idea for a design but unable to create it yourself? Let me bring your idea to life!

    Our custom designs start at $25 or get exclusive rights to the design starting at $50!

    TAT depends on availability though so please message me before purchasing!

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    Love our art but don't own a business?? No worries! Head over to the merch shop and grab some Gonna Get Crafty goodies! Don't see the designs your wanting listed as merch? Just reach out! We can make merch with all of our designs any time!

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  • Preorders!

    Preorder info and listings here!

    When we do preorders this means we are having a larger company manufacture the items, some of these do come from overseas and can take 6-8 weeks to get to the US! TAT, ETA, and Preorder Close dates will be listed in the description for each product! Pre-Orders can be a bit random just based on what is being offered and may also include artwork from other artist-this will also be disclosed in descriptions. So please read carefully before shopping our pre-order options!

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